Lead Generation and Validation

IRIS not only finds leads, but independently verifies them. This ensures that each lead is active, with accurate, current contact information, saving your team hours of sifting through outdated information.

CRM Integration

IRIS seamlessly integrates with your current CRM software using two-way sync technology, allowing your team to visualize all of your potential sales in one place on one dynamic map.

Collaborative Features

IRIS optimizes team effectiveness and efficiency by pooling all sales information of your team in one place.


This eliminates the possibility of any overlapping efforts by increasing team awareness of who is working on what, minimizing time waste.

Easy Analytics and Reporting

Know that what you are doing is working. The periodic reports generated by IRIS ensure that every datapoint is tracked, allowing you to optimize your workflows around relevant metrics.

Route Optimization

IRIS provides the optimum route between leads, increasing overall productivity by minimizing time in transit.

Talk to us

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